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  • Group of construction workers point out at horizon

    Navigating the Construction Landscape Amid Economic Uncertainty

    Published On: 04/14/2023

    A Close Look at Q1 2023 Commercial Construction Trends, Opportunities, and Industry Insights As we approach the second quarter of 2023, we must take stock of the commercial construction landscape. The industry has [...]

  • A collage of commercial construction project images featuring the title "The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Commercial Construction Leads Platform"

    The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Commercial Construction Leads Platform

    Published On: 03/24/2023

    Tips for Finding the Right Platform for Your Business Are you in the commercial construction industry and struggling to find the right leads for your business? With so many commercial construction leads platforms [...]

  • Man Reviewing Construction Blueprints

    Top Provider of Commercial Construction Project Leads

    Published On: 03/13/2023

    Construct-A-Lead Featured As Top Provider of Commercial Construction Project Leads Lincolnshire, IL., March 2023 –  An industry leader in sourcing commercial construction data, Construct-A-Lead, is being recognized [...]

  • African American woman in construction uniform typing on her computer with African American man in the distance at construction site.

    Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe to Construct-A-Lead

    Published On: 02/14/2023

    Access Timely and Accurate Commercial Construction Project Leads with Construct-A-Lead The commercial construction industry is ever-changing and extremely competitive. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to have access to the most [...]

  • Silhouette Of Crane And Building Under Construction At Dusk.

    2023 Trends in the Commercial Construction Industry

    Published On: 01/04/2023

    Stay Ahead of the Curve: Examining the Top Commercial Construction Trends for 2023 The commercial construction industry is constantly evolving, and it's important for professionals to stay up-to-date [...]

  • The 5 Best Ways to Generate Commercial Construction Leads

    Published On: 10/19/2022

    The 5 Best Ways to Generate Commercial Construction Leads Generating commercial construction leads can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Here are five of the best ways to get [...]

  • Calportal dashboard

    Construct-A-Lead Unveils New Features to their Online Commercial Construction Database

    Published On: 09/28/2022

    New features make it faster and simpler to search for and manage timelines for commercial construction leads. (Lincolnshire, IL) - Construct-A-Lead, an online commercial construction database, has unveiled several new features to the platform. [...]

  • Website under Construction on screen of laptop computer on a desk in a bright minimal modern office

    How to design and develop an effective website for your commercial construction business

    Published On: 07/05/2022

    Introduction Your commercial construction company must have a functional website if you want to be successful. Because your website is frequently the first point of contact prospective clients have with your business, it is [...]

  • Man construction worker wearing a mask while holding a computer.

    The 10 Hottest States for New Project Planning

    Published On: 06/22/2022

    Despite some economic headwinds, the Construct-A-Lead Research Team has detected an overall 2022 YTD increase in new construction projects under development. In nearly every category the number of new projects that have been entered [...]

  • Workers build new housing units after finding new projects to bid on.

    How to Use Pre-Bid Commercial Construction Data to Boost Your Business

    Published On: 06/15/2022

    Increase your profits by finding projects before they go to bid. If you're in the commercial construction business, then you know that getting pre-bid project data can be extremely helpful. [...]

  • Tips for developing effective commercial construction lead generation campaigns

    Tips to generate commercial construction lead campaigns

    Published On: 05/11/2022

    The commercial construction industry is highly competitive, making it challenging for companies to stand out from the crowd. This article includes tips to help you develop a robust lead generation campaign for your business. [...]

  • Man wearing an apron looking through the window while touching the Open sign.

    Restaurant, Retail, Hotel, & High-Value Project Resurgence

    Published On: 04/27/2022

    Strong Rebound in Retail, Restaurant, and Hotel Planning The Construct-A-Lead Research Department detected a strong rebound in retail, restaurant, and hotel planning, as well as new construction planning in general as the country [...]