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James P. Dinnerville

Planning, research, and a high standard of quality are three principles that Jim Dinnerville, Manager of the Construct-A-Lead Research Department, stands by. His favorite quote, by General/President Dwight Eisenhower, “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything,” is evident in his day-to-day professional life.

“The process of planning involves research and considering multiple ways in which a scenario can unfold and, as such, is essential. This relates to the construction lead industry because individual projects don’t always proceed as planned, but the research process gives developers, owners, vendors, contractors, etc., an idea of how a project may unfold and what to prepare for,” shares Dinnerville.

With an extensive background in the construction lead and research industry, along with experience in the automotive and industrial fields, Dinnerville has established a knowledge base that his team and Construct-A-Lead’s customers can profit from. “The goal of our operation is not just to report on the construction industry and simply maintain a database of ongoing construction projects, but to provide actionable intelligence that relates to projects that our clients can bid on and that they may not find elsewhere,” says Dinnerville.

A man of constant learning, Dinnerville is fascinated by the way the construction industry can often reflect society. He feels that “every building that is constructed directly demonstrates a community’s values in brick and mortar form, for good or bad. The construction industry also reflects the challenges faced by society.”

When he is not working hard for Construct-A-Lead, you can often find Dinnerville enjoying time with his wife, kayaking in the Ozarks, and enjoying architectural street photography. He has also recently taken up landscape painting and reading books on various historical and esoteric subjects.

When asked about his goals for Construct-A-Lead, Dinnerville’s dedication to the company and his customers is apparent. “One of my goals is to always adapt to a changing world, yet try to provide the client with a sense of security and familiarity. However, my long-term goal is to continuously improve our quality and standards while also developing new researchers and leads. I am always trying to build a team that will provide our clients with long-term growth and opportunities.”