Discover Pre-Bid Commercial Construction Projects for Suppliers to Maximize Your Business Potential

Increase Your Lead Generation with Commercial Construction Project Data

Discover Pre-Bid Commercial Construction Projects for Suppliers to Maximize Your Business Potential

Increase Your Lead Generation with Commercial Construction Project Data

Construct-A-Lead is a powerful online tool that gives suppliers an edge in the competitive world of commercial construction. Through our extensive database, vendors receive insider access to project leads from all across the United States and Canada and gain thorough information on projects before they are sent out for bidding.

Construct-A-Lead is the perfect platform to give suppliers an edge when it comes to increasing their sales funnel and staying ahead of competitors. We provide up-to-date project leads and data that will help you win more jobs then ever before! Don’t miss out on all the construction projects available throughout both US and Canada – sign up today for access now!

Why Suppliers Choose Construct-A-Lead

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Quality Leads

Construct-A-Lead is your go-to source for obtaining quality leads on commercial construction projects. Our diligent team works tirelessly to ensure that our suppliers have the most up-to date project data and contacts, so they can make informed decisions when bidding on jobs. With detailed reports and tailored searches, you will always be one step ahead of the game with Construct-A Lead at your side!

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With Construct-A-Lead, suppliers can generate leads quickly and cost effectively. The convenient platform gives users access to potential project opportunities from across the United States and Canada. Our custom reports and targeted searches give companies a leg up in securing contracts and maintaining an advantage over their competitors.

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Experienced Research Team

Construct-A-Lead helps suppliers win bids with our team of expert researchers and comprehensive project data. With each bid informed by the necessary details, you can make more considered decisions than competitors lacking these resources.

How Do Suppliers Use Construct-A-Lead?

The Features You Need

Advanced Search Options

Find the right projects – before your competition – with our advanced search features.

Calendar Notes & Notifications

With our calendar feature, you will never have to worry about forgetting an appointment or follow up call again.

Contacts Included for Every Project

Easily find key decision makers at your targeted companies. You can say goodbye to outdated contact info!

Integrated Marketing Tools

Use our customizable marketing tools to track sales efforts and project statuses among your team and other stakeholders.

Email Alerts

Receive customized, real time email alerts each time a project is posted or updated and you’ll never miss a project bid again!

Project Details Researched & Verified

Maximize your time and business by having access to our user-friendly and accurate project details.

One-Touch Download to Excel

We make it easy for you to quickly upload all contact information into your organization’s CRM. Let us help you grow your business!

CRM Integration

Your projects, your way! Our API allows you to fill your sales funnel daily by automatically receiving and loading projects from your Construct-A-Lead account.

The Only Commercial Construction Lead Service You’ll Ever Need

From new facilities to remodels to hospitality, we’re adding new commercial construction data for every type of project imaginable. And, with new projects from across the U.S. and Canada every day, your sales pipeline will never be empty.


Get Notified Of Projects Before They Go To Bid

Most of the commercial construction projects we add are pre-bid, which means you get in contact with General Contractors, Architects and Owners before the project ever goes out to bid.

Complete Material List For Every Project. And You Can Search Our Project Database By Specific Materials.

Every project we add has a complete list of the materials needed for the project. Plus, you can use our advanced search to find projects with specific materials.

Easily Integrate with your CRM

Easily Search, Save and Export Project Data And Contacts. The Features You Need.

We have the features you need. Easily search for projects by cost, location, and bid stage. Set up alerts for when new projects are added. Sync with your CRM. And we’re always working to improve our service.

Straightforward Pricing

At Construct-A-Lead, we try to keep it simple. That’s why we’ve put together affordable and reliable plans tailored to meet all your needs. Plus, every plan includes seats for at least 3 users.

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