Construct-A-Lead provides you qualified leads, fast, so you have more time to close deals.

With our online database, we deliver research on construction projects months before they are bid out, including the hard-to-find private projects, and public projects such as schools, universities and hospitals.

Get the Information You Need, How You Need It

Accessing the latest and most precise information on construction leads is crucial in securing success in the bidding competition. With our Advanced Search you’ll have access to CAL’s database enabling you to efficiently search and organize pertinent project details presented in a clear, concise and user-friendly manner.

Search by Project Type

Whether you are focused on government buildings, schools or athletic facilities, our database makes it easy to filter by building or facility specifics.

Search by Value

Our detailed list of search categories makes the most of your time and your budget.

Search by Material

Easily select the criteria that matches your area of expertise.

Unmatched Project Data Quality

At Construct-A-Lead, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality commercial construction project data.

Download Construction Leads with One Click

Once you’ve found the projects, we give you the option of a one-touch download enabling you to upload the information directly to your CRM.

Save Projects in Customizable Folders

Keep relevant leads within a single click reach using folders customized to you and your team’s specific needs.

Calendar Feature Screens

Staying on Track is Easy with Calendar Notes & Reminders

We understand the challenges of managing all the activities in your business. That’s why we’ve introduced the Calendar Notes and Notification feature to help you stay well-organized and ensure nothing is overlooked.

Receive Email Alerts of Relevant Projects

Being one of the first to receive leads on construction projects gives you the upper hand and with our email alert system, you will get real time notifications of new projects as they’re added to our system. Simply add your parameters and we’ll take it from there.

Track Sales Efforts and Statuses

Our cutting-edge, detailed, and fully searchable platform not only offers you a distinct advantage over your competitors. With our integrated marketing tools, it also provides the ability to track sales efforts and manage project statuses, keeping you and other stakeholders in the loop.

Solutions Guaranteed

At a fraction of the expense involved in recruiting additional team members. Construct-A-Lead makes it easy for every construction team member to find everything they need in one location.

Structural Engineer And Foreman Worker With Touch Pad Discuss, Plan Working For The Outdoors Building Construction Site.
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Skilled Industrial Worker Grinding Metal Part.