Find the right projects – before your competition – with our advanced search features and innovative marketing tools.

Our cutting-edge, detailed & fully searchable platform offers subscribers a distinct advantage over their competitors. Use our database to search by your company’s specific target market, making the most of your time and resources. Let Construct-A-Lead be your secret weapon!

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Grow Your Business With Our One-Touch File Download

Reach Out To Decision Makers

Every project, regardless of project type or facility size, includes a contact name and number. This allows our subscribers direct access to key decision makers.

Download Construction Leads Quickly and Easily

We understand that time and capacity are limited for many of our subscribers. That’s why we offer a one-touch download – and a personalized directory – for construction leads. We make it easy for you to make a direct connection and grow your client base.

Contact Information Presented in Personalized Directory

Our staff personally researches and verifies all project information. We also include at least one contact name and number with every project posted. These details can be included in your own directory, based on your target market.

Directory Easily Exported via CVS File

Once you have your customized directory with valuable, targeted leads, it is easy to export the data via a CVS file. Set your search parameters, receive email alerts on new projects and transfer all that information effortlessly.

Upload Contact Details into your CRM Platform

We make it easy to upload all contact information into your organization’s CRM system. Our subscribers use our verified, real time data to make direct connections with leads and win bids. Let us help you grow your business!