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Searching for Projects

Go to the Project Inbox where you’ll notice a search box across the top and your projects listed in a table format.

  • Basic Search: The search box allows you to find your information by any field including keywords or Project ID. The table format allows for an easy sort functionality. Your search narrows the display and only relevant projects are displayed.
  • Advanced Search: Advanced search allows for you to filter results by:
    • Public vs Private Projects
    • Bid Stage
    • Company
    • City
    • State
    • Construction Type
    • Project Type
    • Project Value
    • Bid Date
    • Date Entered
  • Saving Searches: Save your search for referencing at a later date.

Database build

Find the projects you need to grow your business based on your search criteria. Narrow your selections, and build up your personal database.

  • Project details are broken down into 5 categories:
    • Overview
    • Bidding Information
    • Updates
    • Materials
    • Contacts
  • Save your projects
    • Use the colored dots to tag and prioritize your project leads
    • Save and sort your leads by adding folders under the ‘My Projects’ heading
  • Put personalized notes on your projects.
  • Email construction leads with a one touch feature.
  • Download the projects in your subscription into excel using the one touch feature.
  • Create your personalized email alerts, let Construct-A-Lead give you project updates on your terms.


A listing of key contacts, mail, phone or contact by email with a live link

  • Use the colored dots to tag and prioritize your desired contacts
  • Save & sort your contacts by adding folders under the ‘Directory’ heading
  • Download the contacts into excel with one touch
  • Personalize your contact list with private notes
  • Create your personalized email alerts, get contact updates on your terms.