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Construct-A-Lead, a subscription database of construction project data , added their greatest number of new projects in 2020; new investors accelerate growth.

LINCOLNSHIRE, ILLINOIS – During 2020, Construct-A-Lead ( added over 100,000 new construction projects to its lead database, allowing those in the manufacturing, supply, and other construction-related industries to find project specifications and contact data otherwise not easily accessible.

Many in the manufacturing and material supply industries struggle to find opportunities for their services and products; Construct-A-Lead’s online subscription database platform provides a massive repository of construction project data accessible and searchable to assist those seeking to find contacts that can lead to greater sales opportunities. 

Construct-A-Lead is a growing construction leads platform that routinely adds projects to its database across the entire spectrum of the construction industry and its verticals. In 2020, the company added new investors and team members to help with the funding, marketing, and data collection. This growth and forward momentum directly led to the company increasing its project database by adding 100,000 new projects over the year and growing its customer and client base by almost 50%.

According to Sally McMaster, a Construct-A-Lead customer, “We have had tremendous success using their service. Sales are up 44% since starting in October.”

The Construct-A-Lead platform offers an easy-to-use platform for people at every level in the construction industry. Those who can benefit from its huge list of projects and industry contacts include architects, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, vendors, engineers, and others. The platform offers nationwide data, with project data for both public and private projects. Their advanced searching options allow users to search by project start dates, locations, size, and other filters.

Unlike other construction database platforms. Construct-A-Lead does not list projects without also listing a relevant, decision making contact on that project, along with at least a phone number or email address. Other services and conveniences offered by their platform include tracking projects, custom alerts, and an option to download data directly to Excel. 

Pricing starts at $1,099.95 per year, with custom plans available upon request ( 

Those looking to test the platform may take a free test drive (, which provides prospective customers to view 5 projects for free.

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