We’re here to help subcontractors and vendors make connections with architects, designers, and general contractors. 

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Do you need help making connections with architects, designers or general contractors? We can help.

Architects, designers and general contractors usually turn to the subcontractors and vendors with whom they have relationships. Their “go-to” lists include the companies they have worked with in the past. It’s human nature. 

How can I make those relationships?

Here at Construct-A-Lead, our easy-to-use database will enable you to develop your list of contacts; and help you get in the door and build those relationships with key players.

  • Our online database includes large and small construction projects in the private sectors
  • We pride ourselves in keeping our database current, accurate and reliable. This will allow you to spend more time actually creating solid, winning bids rather than spending an inordinate amount of time and resources researching projects, often to find that the information on the project you are researching is dated or inaccurate. 
  • One of the biggest frustrations for vendors and subcontractors in their desire to build their business is chasing down bad leads. The is second only to hearing about good leads “after-the-fact”. Our database allows you to put your resources into the areas that are going to help you successfully find and bid on more real, timely projects. 

So many projects that your company could assist end up flying “under the radar.” You can’t bid projects you don’t learn about until you see that ground-breaking photo in the local newspaper. By then, it is often too late. 

We give you the information that would normally require staffing and time to identify those key people. Then, you have an opportunity to tell your story effectively, proactively and at a time when it should make a difference to those making the ultimate contractual decisions.


Architects are contracted early-on for every commercial construction project. They normally are brought on board during the idea phase and stay connected right through the contracting process; for both the general contractor as well as for subs and sometimes even for vendors. Large communities can have as many as a dozen architectural firms. Depending on the size of the firm, there could be as many as 10 key contacts for the larger firms or as few as one in single-person operations. 

Construct-A-Lead’s database provides not just the name, address, phone and email information for the business itself; we also strive to provide up-to-date names of key contact persons within the architectural firms.


Many vendors and subcontractors have meaningful information that can be of great assistance to businesses looking to design and/or expand. It is the design phase that the conversations about the various options you have expertise in should take place. 

Having access to and ultimately relationships with commercial project designers allows you to “put yourself out there” when businesses are considering ways to accomplish their project goals. The project designers on our platform value those relationships as much as you do. We make the electronic introduction and you take it from there.


You may have solid references that might convince a general contractor to give you an opportunity to bid on a project. Or a contract might require them to get more than one bid, which could ultimately be a great opportunity for you. Or you might just have such a sparkling personality and positive business sense that, given the chance, could help you convince a general contractor that you are the right choice for a given project. If you don’t get your foot in the door, you’ll never know. 

That’s where Construct-A-Lead comes in.

Our professional in-house research team takes great pride in personally verifying and monitoring our database information. Updating the projects list occurs on a daily basis. We strive to provide the best contact information for every project. Our goal is to provide project information months in advance of bid due dates where possible. 

How do I get started?

Start your FREE TEST DRIVE on our platform and get 5 Free leads – today! We’ve been adding dozens of commercial construction projects EVERY DAY – that means each year we’re adding thousands of qualified private construction leads and bidding opportunities. Don’t miss out on the predicted future growth in private construction projects, check us out and learn why customers call Construct-A-Lead “The best and most user friendly in your marketplace.”

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