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School Construction | Construct-A-LeadThe construction industry, as well as many others, are reengaging and ramping up again and one of the most significant construction needs right now is in student housing. 

If you combine modular building construction, R&D, housing, and commercial construction, you’ll find globally it has risen by 77% since 2013. 2020 has impacted some of that forward growth momentum, but if you’ve been waiting for the tide to turn as a construction company, then now is your time. It’s essential you start looking over available projects and making construction bids as soon as you can.

A considerable benefit construction companies can now plug into is a construction database with the most relevant and up to-do-date project listings. These companies can also help you create and execute the most competitive project bids. Please read on if you want to learn how construction companies can pick up where they left off and start a dynamic and winning construction bid for student housing.

Construction Bid

On average, a construction company will bid on about four to ten times before they win a construction bid. Many construction companies are aware of the difficulties involved in not using a B2B lead solution process. Yet 68% of them have no clear construction bidding project plan mapped out.

The Challenges in Winning Construction Bids

Usually, construction industry companies and firms never realize just how difficult it is to provide a winning estimating formula that works in winning proposal bids. To be competitive and realistic with costs, time, and efforts are one of the most challenging tasks to accomplish successfully. Most construction companies go through many proposals where you come in too high or too low.

When you come in too high, you’re not competitive, and when you’re too low, projects become impossible to manage due to the revenue loss you experience. 

Construction Bids for Student Housing

Knowing that you can start bidding on student housing projects once again isn’t the same thing as winning the project bids. When you begin to bid on construction projects again you are often trying to determine the best way to edge out your competition. You know you need to find a way to make some profit when working on a construction project that ensures a prosperous future for your company.

That’s why the most successful student housing bids have two different factors you need to include. You need to ensure your estimating construction bid for student housing includes your actual cost which may seem to be a given but costs are often over or underestimated. It would also help if you made sure that the construction bid for student housing gives you a profit after you deduct all your expenses.

It is your accuracy in determining the variables within those two separate factors that can determine your profit or loss on any construction project. 

Software and Platform Service Variables

Your software and services need to be able to assess your time, effort, and construction skills that will be deployed while building a student housing project. That way, you can provide an estimate that works for the money you need to include completing the project. There’s nothing easy about getting new construction project leads in student housing or any other industry when you need to also determine your costs so they can compete and win over construction company competition.

Where to Find Construction Bids Online?

There are companies in the construction industry marketplace dedicated to helping you find more qualified leads so you cannot only write more competitive bids but also have more time to close more deals. These are companies that offer you detailed and fully searchable platforms.  There is also intense competition amongst construction companies wanting to build student housing, which means you need a distinct advantage from the start over your competitors.

Targeting Construction Bids

If there are additional criteria such as finding opportunities via a particular type of construction project such as student housing, you’ll find you need a fully searchable platform. A searchable platform that offers you a specific market while also providing you with the benefits of saving you time and resources. 

There may be no other industry quite as competitive as the B2B construction industry, and there really is the survival of the fittest mentality. You almost always need construction project leads in student housing or any commercial construction project provided to you months before they are released to the industry in general. 

How to Get Construction Projects

The B2B construction industry is learning how to adopt the use of software digital subscription platforms so they can better meet their industry’s changing way of bidding on projects and doing business. Most construction companies now look for new solutions in finding construction projects that best meet their needs and objectives as a company. Finding opportunities that meet company objectives is never more apparent than it is in student housing construction.

Technology Innovation Meets the Construction Industry

If your company is willing to use innovative digital technology and software platforms, they can find projects that are matched up to a region, price range, and specialized construction knowledge and skill set. There are some in the construction industry that is anxious about trying something outside their realm of experience. But if you want to know how to get construction projects, you need to use the technology solution subscription platforms that help you successfully obtain them.

The technology solutions you seek offer cutting-edge, detailed, and fully searchable platforms to their subscribers. These digital platforms give subscribers access to every university and college construction project available, including those that aren’t published yet or are private and hidden. You can even set up your email notifications to be the first-in-the-know, which gives you a large advantage in bidding for the most lucrative and sustainable projects for your construction company.

Finding Commercial Construction Leads

Data and technology solutions best represent the future for bidding on and obtaining commercial construction projects. There are times when it is your ability to find a commercial construction project and be first to bid that results in huge benefits. It may seem trivial, but sometimes it’s the first bid that gets a lot of extra attention, primarily if it targets what they need, how they need it when they need it, and at the cost they want it to be.

Solution-Based Digital Subscriptions

That means that by putting your bid in on a student housing construction project through a solution-based digital subscription platform, you can craft your proposal to be as close to perfect as possible. You will understand who your client is and what they are looking to accomplish in the student housing project. You may even have the added benefits of knowing what kind of contractor they are looking for so you can craft your bid to meet their specific construction objectives. 

It’s difficult to submit a bid that you feel will work, and many times, construction companies feel the pressure of winning over everything else. Sometimes construction companies will bid so low they win the bid but can’t do the project successfully because there’s not enough money to go around. The truth is that owners and student housing general contractors want a good deal, but they also know the difference between low-cost versus a worthy value bid proposal. 

Student Housing Construction

Student housing construction sometimes comes with state and federal oversight, so you must be prepared to meet all additional standards and regulations if needed. That means your bid proposal for a student housing construction project is incumbent on you making a case for what you have experience in and will do for this project. Hence, it stays in compliance with any state or federal construction mandate. 

The use of a digital subscription-based platform allows you to target your construction lead search to find the student housing projects that fit your needs the best. If you can propose a bid that meets the student housing construction opportunity’s capacity and business goal, you give yourself an advantage over the competition. Every goal the student housing construction opportunity lists allow you to correlate your bid proposal with those needs.

There’s nothing that gets you noticed more than being able to provide what a commercial customer needs. Don’t waste time bidding on construction projects that don’t fit your construction skills and niche. At the end of the day, once you figure out what you’re best at, you can ensure you successfully win and then complete construction jobs.

It’s those types of commercial construction jobs and experiences that allow you to prove how great you are in your construction industry niche.

Your Next Step in Student Housing Construction Bids

In today’s world, you shouldn’t try to bid on student housing construction projects or any construction bid without using the digital and technology solutions that are available to you. Every past project a commercial construction customer ever had done is on a recorded instrument that you can find if you use the right technology to find it. By investing in your construction company’s future, you want to use the tools, techniques, and solutions that will help you obtain the success your company deserves.

When you’re ready to start using winning solutions when you place a construction bid for a student housing construction project or any other construction opportunity, reach out to Construct-A-Lead and take a free test drive. Construct-a-Lead is a one-stop expert site that gives you construction opportunities with stellar strategies that can put you in the winning seat. Every competitive edge you have in B2B construction bidding gives you traction and enhances your chances of securing a lucrative future for your company. 

There’s a new world waiting for you in student housing construction opportunities and bids. No matter what company service you use to help you navigate through the latest digital and technological platforms that support your bidding process, it would be best if you began using the solution platforms now. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose by reaching out to Construct-A-Lead today.

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