Finding new projects:

1. We stack our projects initially by “Updated”. This allows the updated projects to move forward so you see updated projects as well as new projects.

When you’re in the “search projects”/project inbox – please use the column headers – the one you will want to use the most is “Date Entered” – that is the date we enter projects and will stack then newest to oldest when you click on the column header. Again, Our Inbox initially is stacked by “date updated” – we want to make sure people also saw the updated projects.

2. Save your projects under “My Projects” – you can then add a private Note to the project once you have saved the project.

3. Pick your alerts – go the the “Alerts” in the left hand column – you will then receive alerts based on your criteria.

4. You can SAVE your searches – complete a search and then go to the search box and click on “Save Search”. You can then create an e-mail “Alert” for that saved search. You can then click on “Saved Searches” to go back and repeat a search.

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