We know it can be difficult to find hotel construction leads to bid on. From finding the right project details to tracking down contact information, hotel project leads can be a difficult task for even the savviest business developer. 

Whether you’re working for an architecture firm seeking hotel projects to bid on in the early planning phase or a construction supplier looking to provide products during construction, we’ve put together 5 ways to help you find hotel construction leads for your business.   

1. Use a Credible Lead Source

A credible lead source is the first place you need to start. There are many online platforms that will help you find hotel projects to bid on, get email alerts for new projects, and provide credible contacts. Try out our platform and get 5 free leads.

2. Contact Sources Immediately 

Once you’ve sourced the project, call and or email the contacts provided ASAP. Project leads get inundated with requests as soon as a project becomes public (or even when it’s a private project). Get in contact as soon as you can and and introduce yourself and your capabilities. You want to be their supplier or service provider of choice going forward. 

3. Ask About Projects in Their Pipeline

Many project leads will have new projects coming down the pipeline; let them know you’d be interested to get on their bidding list. Even if you don’t get the current project, this is a great way to get informed about future projects. 

4. Be Flexible & Open to Negotiation 

Some bids can be straight forward – but most aren’t. A lot of hotel project details can be in flux – like the start dates, budget, etc. For example, many private projects are negotiated work – meaning the owner/developer selects the general contractor or uses their own general contractor. Contact the project immediately to find out how they will handle your product or service.

5. Be Tenacious

There isn’t a set protocol on how a hotel gets built. That’s why you have to be tenacious and contact every project you source. Remember the words of Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”

So, no matter if you’re an architect, general contractor, supplier, vendor, engineer, or manufacturer these 5 tips can help you secure more construction project leads and bids.

Our competitively priced platform is a great first step in finding hotel construction projects. We’ve designed our platform to make it as simple as possible to find credible leads (like our advanced search features), along with integrated marketing tools to track your success. 

If you have additional ideas or insights on how to find hotel construction projects, send us your comments

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