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As e-commerce continues to grow at an average of 12% per year of total retail sales in America, we’re seeing a corresponding trend in the amount of warehouse construction projects. In addition to the increased amount of warehouse developments, we’re also seeing the complexity of warehouse projects changing too. From automation to cold storage to employee amenities, warehouses have evolved from their more meager past.


What’s been driving their development? 


As consumers have come to expect timely delivery of their items, whether they’re being shipped or picked-up at the store, retailers have been forced to construct warehouses strategically located around the country. And in addition to timeliness, consumers have also come to expect endless customizations of their products, meaning retailers need more and more space to house all of these items. 


How is this impacting bids for warehouse construction projects?


  1. More Bids
    1. At Construct-A-Lead, we’re adding 4 to 10 new warehouse construction project leads – every day  – because of the increased amount of warehouse construction projects. 
  2. More Speciality Bids
    1. With the added complexity of some warehouses, the increased size of the average warehouse, and the new amenity options being added there is an increased amount of speciality bidding opportunities, such as: high-tech infrastructure, massive refrigeration, and recreation facilities. 
  3. Better Qualified Contractors
    1. The surge in e-commerce sales has resulted in retailers having to build large and complex warehouses as quickly as they can. Contractors bidding on these projects need to be experienced and well-qualified to handle the logistics of these projects. 


Who has been benefiting the most? 


The best news about the increase in warehouse construction projects is that every type of contractor has seen increased bidding opportunities. Architects, general contractors, sub contractors, vendors and suppliers, manufacturers, and engineers have all taken advantage of the recent warehouse boom. No matter your role in a warehouse construction project, there are tons of bidding and leads available. 


That’s where we come in. 


Construct-A-Lead is an online construction leads tool that provides thousands of qualified leads for any stage of warehouse construction projects.  As we mentioned before, we’ve been adding 4 to 10 new leads every single day, which means thousands of leads per year in just one vertical.


All of our projects include the following information: 


  • Project contact information 
  • Project owner information
  • Construction start dates
  • Project details
  • + more


 We’re 100% certain that you’ll our service so much that we give everyone 5 Free Leads. There’s no commitment, no credit card required. 


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