Construct-A-Lead Adds Canada to Lead Generation Software


Lincolnshire, Illinois – In September 2021, Construct-A-Lead, an industry leader in sourcing construction data, announced the addition of Canada to its massive lead database of commercial construction leads and industry contacts that helps manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and contractors.

“Population and population growth directly translate to new construction projects. An increase in population equates to a greater demand for multifamily and single-family housing, surrounded by infrastructure including medical facilities, schools, hotels, retail, business centers, and more,” said Bill Lidman, Vice President of Business Development and co-founder of Construct-A-Lead. “Users have trusted our products to build their businesses in the United States in regions where people are flocking to, like Texas, North Carolina, and Florida. Now our existing clients and new clients can leverage our robust database to find projects and contacts in Canada.”

The company’s focus is to fill the database with projects and contacts in the highly populated metropolitan centers of Canada including the Toronto metro, Montreal, and Vancouver. In addition, Calgary and Edmonton are hot spots for construction as both are experiencing growth rates of over 13%, which is faster than several major US cities. “There are several hotels, restaurants, and retail brands that exist only in Canada, as well as developers who only work north of the border. With our expansion to Canada, our clients now have an opportunity to expand business connections and Canadian clients can now leverage the power of Construct-A-Lead too,” said James Dinnerville, Director of Research.

Construct-A-Lead software helps busy clients quickly find and connect with project decision-makers either by email or phone. Integrated tools inside the database allow users to organize contacts, projects, and bids while keeping notes on their sourcing progress.
Clients looking to expand leads in industries that include hospitality, residential, commercial, industrial, civil, and government construction can take advantage of Construct-A-Leads platform expansion to build on their sales opportunities like never before.

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