Contractors Growing Their Business with Construct-A-Lead

Getting leads is critical if you want to grow your construction business. If you’re struggling with this step, you’re not alone. A recent study found that 61 percent of general contractor companies cite lead generation as their number one challenge.

As a contractor, you may not have an entire marketing or sales team behind you. Fortunately, there are still several things you can do to get more leads and grow your business.

Combine the following three ideas to get more leads and grow your business.

Build relationships on LinkedIn

If you only use one social media platform for your business, it should be LinkedIn. This professional networking site is an excellent place to meet new connections and build your reputation as a thought leader. You can also join industry groups to forge relationships with other contractors you might want to partner with on future projects.

Whether you have LinkedIn already or not, make sure your profile is up to date and clearly tells people what you do. Use a professional headshot, and write a description summarizing your experience.

Once your profile is updated, you can start writing and publishing articles related to the construction industry. The goal is to showcase your industry expertise and build trust with people inside and outside your network. Consider who your target audience is, whether that’s business owners, other construction professionals, or someone else, and write articles that speak to their pain points and challenges.

Highlight your work on your website

Your website is probably the first place a prospective customer learns about your business; the quality and care you put into your website will have a direct impact on your ability to grow prospective commercial construction leads.

An important piece of your website should include a projects or case studies section.

By adding this type of section, you can give prospective customers a visual idea of the work you do. Talk about specific projects and include images and quotes from previous customers. This will add credibility to your profile and help prospects feel comfortable moving forward with hiring you.

Use a lead generation software

Find new leads before they’re publicly available using lead generation software, such as Construct-A-Lead. With our software, you’ll get access to leads from a wide range of commercial and industrial categories.

You can use several filters to find projects that fit your criteria. These include location, type of project, company, and bid stage. We’ll send you email notifications when new projects meet your criteria, so you never have to worry about missing out on a lead.

Our list of leads includes private or hidden projects that are not yet open to the public, giving you a significant advantage over your competitors. You’ll be contacting prospective customers before the competition even knows these projects exist.

Bottom line

If you want to grow your business, you need to be generating leads consistently. Use these three approaches to build relationships, gain trust with prospective clients, and find new leads as soon as projects are available.

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