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Lincolnshire, Illinois – In October 2021, Construct-A-Lead (CAL) introduced improved subscription offers to help customers meet their specific goals based on their geographical location and preferences. 

With this new launch, customers can choose from four plans—County, State, Regional, and National. Contractors can pick the plan that works best for them, depending on where they currently do business and where they would like to do business in the future.

Every plan includes qualified project contacts so contractors can get in touch with decision-makers directly. Plans also include detailed project data and a project material list. This ensures that contractors have all the information they need before they decide to bid on a project. 

What’s Included with Every Flexible Plan

The primary difference between subscription plans is the number and type of location for which a contractor can receive leads. In addition to offering members a one-click Excel download, each flexible plan includes the following elements. 

Advanced search

Contractors can search using a variety of factors, including bid stage, project type, project location, project value, and project start date. Use some or all of these indicators to narrow down your search and find the projects that fit your specific criteria. 

Customized email alerts

This feature ensures that contractors only receive an email alert for projects that match their preferences. That way, you are never bothered by alerts that won’t benefit your business or meet your business objectives. 

Research request

Contractors using any of the four available plans can message the CAL research team whenever they need more information about a project than is available on CAL’s listing.

CRM integration

Contractors can integrate CAL with their existing CRM for a streamlined experience.

Personalized training and support

Contractors are never left in the dark after signing up for one of CAL’s four flexible plans. Instead, they will receive one-on-one training, plus phone and email support at any time. 

Integrated sales tools

Contractors can use CAL’s integrated sales tools to take their business to the next level. Users can be assigned to specific projects, where they can add custom notes and tags that help the sales team and ensure a quality customer experience.

County, State, Regional, and National Plans from Construct-A-Lead

In addition to the above elements, each flexible plan can be customized to meet the specific needs of a contractor’s business. 

For example, the state plan can be customized to include more than one state if a contractor wants to find leads in 1 – 5 states for an additional cost of $695 per state. In addition, every plan can be customized to include more users for an extra $495 per additional user.

County Plan

The county plan costs $995 for up to three users. It is ideal for contractors focused on projects within a specific local area and includes up to four counties.

State Plan

The state plan costs $1,995 for up to three users. It is ideal for contractors focused on serving multiple counties within a state. The state plan includes one state but can be customized to include more states for an extra $695 per state. 

Regional Plan

The regional plan costs $4,995 for up to five users. It is ideal for contractors serving multiple states within a specific region of the country. The regional plan includes six states. Additional states can be added for an extra $695 per state.

National Plan

The most robust plan is the national plan, which costs $11,995 for up to five users. It is ideal for contractors that have a national reach. It includes every state, making this plan the most comprehensive plan available from Construct-A-Lead.

Try a Flexible Plan and Get Five Leads for Free

Contractors who are interested in trying one of CAL’s new flexible subscription plans can get started without paying anything. The free trial guarantees five free leads with no obligation to continue with a paid subscription.

Interested contractors and contractor businesses can take advantage of Construct-A-Lead’s free trial offer by visiting their website and signing up for a free membership. CAL’s new sign-up pages make it simple for contractors to try the subscription plan they feel would be most valuable for their business and determine if CAL is the right fit for their long-term business needs.

About Construct-A-Lead

Construct-A-Lead is an online database that helps contractors find qualified leads for a variety of construction projects. It has helped contractors find leads for hotels, motels, resorts, green buildings, religious facilities, athletic facilities, hospitals, medical clinics, casinos, libraries, multi-family units, residential buildings, office buildings, schools, parking structures, warehouses, restaurants, prisons, movie theatres, government buildings, and more.

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