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Construct-A-Lead is an online database that contains the most relevant building projects in both the commercial and governmental sectors. The information you receive is up to date, accurate, and trustworthy, which means that you will spend less time searching for projects to bid on and more time securing sales as a result of the information you receive.

Our staff of commercial construction project researchers has years of experience in generating high-quality leads swiftly. We conduct research on construction projects months before they are put out to bid and months ahead of our competitors, including hard-to-find commercial projects as well as public projects such as schools, universities, and hospitals, among other things.

Even with our extensive project data, our clients may require more information about a project from time to time. All of our plans have the ability to communicate with our researchers directly in order to obtain extra information about a particular topic.

Watch our video below for a quick tutorial on how to request additional project information for all of our commercial construction projects.

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