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The way construction contractors gain business for residential jobs and commercial jobs are very different. For contractors to succeed in the commercial market, they must have access to the bidding process.

Commercial construction is more lucrative and carries more responsibility. Often, you’ll compete against large companies with a state and national presence. In order to become competitive in the commercial market, you must change your marketing strategy. 

Do you have a construction company looking to take on commercial projects? If so, keep reading to learn how your business can land large contracts using a variety of different resources.


Finding Commercial Construction Leads

Like any industry that relies on sales, you’ll need to invest in lead generation strategies. These strategies can become a multi-faceted part of your business structure. Networking will always be a valuable resource to develop new clients. In some cases, you may be able to hire a sales representative that will help you market your business directly. If hiring a sales representative is not an option for your company, business networking can be achieved by attending networking functions hosted by your local chamber of commerce or participating in trade shows and conventions.


Investing in Lead Generation Services

The best way to find commercial construction leads is to sign-up with a lead generation service. You can subscribe to websites like Construct-a-Lead that track construction projects from around the country. You’ll have access to projects, large and small. All of the details are at your fingertips. The information is verified and updated in real-time, ensuring you’re not wasting your time on faulty leads.


Try a Construction Bidding Website

Sites that only host bids miss a majority of projects. Several platforms that host bids do not have access to other websites – i.e., Oricle does not give Doge access to their bids, Construct Connect doesn’t have access to other bid sites, etc. Construct-a-Lead offers the opportunity to search private and public sector contracts to find the best projects.

With Construct-a-Lead, you will have access to the latest, fully detailed projects available. Whether you are focused on government buildings, schools, or athletic facilities, Construct-A-Lead makes it easy to filter by specific criteria that match your needs. 

Create a Website

While you’re following construction leads, building your brand and creating an online presence are essential. Once a company receives your bid, if they are interested, they will do research.

As your company’s online representative, your website plays a crucial role. It should contain information about the company, its owners, and relevant completed projects. A portfolio of work you’ve done in the past and articles detailing your expertise can also be helpful.

The more authentic content you have on your site, the higher you’ll rank in search engines. Also, it is important to implement SEO tactics to help potential clients looking for your services find your company.


It’s Time to Build

Once you’ve decided to move into commercial construction, it’s essential to have your teams ready to take on large jobs. Many construction companies are vying for the same contracts. Construct-A-Lead offers you a distinct advantage over your competitors and provides you qualified leads fast, so you have more time to close deals and prepare your team.


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