Here’s what our customers have to say: “Great data for private work” MK, “Your interface is the best and most user friendly in your market place” David G. “Most complete hotel construction database on the market.” Miles T. • “We just landed a BIG project that we otherwise would not have found out about until it was too late” West Coast GC • “We praise Construct-A-Lead all the time, best lead service ever” Michael B. Minnesota •”the website is so easy to use, great data” Jerry R. • Jerry Z, Regional Manager, “We went with CAL because we felt it was a better value and could outfit our 80 person sales staff easier and more efficiently.” • Dave K, Principal, “…we’ve had some good success with Construct A Lead…landed several projects over the past year…” •Greg S. “All the sales guys love your lead system….. ” • Lisa R, Marketing Coordinator, “McGraw Hill was too cumbersome, CAL’s reports are much easier for our sales people to use…” • Joanne C, Research Manager, gave CAL a list of 22 states and asked for the number of current multi-family projects in those locations. After a direct comparison with Reed, we chose CAL because the list of projects was almost identical, but CAL was more cost effective and much easier to use.” • Helen M, President, “Okay, it’s worth every penny, I’ll stay with 6” • Judy W, Principal “I like the way your site looks and works.” • Edward M, Construction Sales Manager, “I signed up for the promotional free trial and almost immediately was inundated by numerous leads in my geographical area…A few calls and numerous meetings later, I have a new client with months of work and a sizable expansion in revenue!” • Mark F, Founder, “I agree that a plan room is not necessary any more but finding relevant leads are.” • Glenn Q, Sales Rep, “I use it- I think it is a great service.” “The price is amazing for all the leads that we receive – thanks!” Helen H. • “We love Construct-A-Lead, we receive new commercial construction leads every day!” Joe D. New Jersey • “Construct-A-Lead has endless amounts of commercial construction reports, keep them, coming!” Mike Z. Cabling expert • “Your interface is the cleanest and most user friendly in your niche.” David C, Manufacturer – We use Construct-A-Lead and Blue Book and all our business comes from Construct-A-Lead leads, Thanks! Fred G., Houston Texas – – Our customers agree!

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In this infographic, we delve into the intricacies of leveraging leads identified on Construct-A-Lead (CAL) to fill your pipeline and propel your business forward. From understanding the unique advantages CAL has to offer to implementing strategic approaches for lead utilization, this resource equips you with the tools and insights needed to optimize your pipeline-filling efforts.

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