As you can see we have a new website. It’s extremely easy to use. Many, many new features.

Construct-A-Lead is all new!
New site, new functions, mobile friendly!

There is a new website waiting for you at
• The database is updated daily!
• Find project information easily – Google-type search
• Save your projects or searches
• Use the colored dots to tag and prioritize your projects or searches.
• Put your own personalized notes on your projects
• Save & sort your projects and searches by adding personal folders
• Email a project lead to a customer or colleague
• Download your projects into excel with a one touch feature
• Search for projects and manage your subscription right from your mobile phone or tablet
• Directory available – key contacts with phone and live link email addresses
• Directory allows you to save, sort, tag, prioritize & personalize your contacts
• Receive personalized alerts – let Construct-A-Lead give you updates on your terms

Our mobile is the best in the business!

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